Draw Saturday 9.07.16

The following is the draw for Saturday 9 July 2016 – Single Par

Starter: K Ellis

Tee 1

8.30    M Chave                    N Thompson             R Kim                           D Barnett

8.36    G Abernethy             G Burn                       M Mercer                     C Day

8.42    A Roberts


Afternoon Office: Golf Shop

Bar Duty:   S Smith

Tee 1

11.30  S Smith                      B Ferguson                B Coffin                        B Ellis

11.36  C Walters                  M Murray                  J Sudol                          W Myers

11.42  K Ellis                        S Will                         M Reid                          B Bennett

11.48  B Savigny                  P Brownie                  B Lyall                          T Trevathan


12.00  G McPhee


Tee 10

11.30  J Boyes                      D Graham                  L Thom                         N Johnston

11.36  K Shaw                      D Laws                       J Boath                          C Blackie

11.42  H van Turnhout        S Stringer (Snr)         P McDonald                 I Boath


Tee 12                                                                       

11.30 Ladies tee time

11.36 Ladies tee time

Tee 14

11.30  Ladies tee time

11.36  Ladies tee time


Post entries and alterations to 489 7450 on Wednesday or Friday.

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