Sat Results 09.04.22


1st           N Graves, D Laws, C Walters                                                     218

2nd          C Tomlinson, I Vercoe, B Aitchison                                           219

3rd          M Billings, S Rusbatch, G Keith                                                  219

4th          B Lyall, R Will, S Will                                                                    221

5th          N Johnston, I Gillespie, C Stringer                                             221

6th          R Rivers, C Day, B Homan                                                           227

7th          J Mears, C Petre, W Pitcaithly                                                    228

8th          S Yoo, B Johnson, M Stevens                                                     228

9th          B Ferguson, C Hutchinson, S Wolter                                         229

10th        B Savigny, J Boath, P Abernethy                                                229

11th        M Reid, G McPhee, D Boyes                                                       229


Merv Chave Sponsored Hole

S Fitzgerald

Palmers Mechanical Nearest the Pin

G Hobbs

Birdie Hole- #11- JACKPOT

Net Eagles- #16- JACKPOT


Ladies- Stableford- Home Pennant


Div 1

1st           S Fitzgerald                                       43

2nd          T Woodhead                                     40

3rd          S Butlin                                               37


Div 2

1st           R Miller                                              38

2nd          L Fraser                                              37


Div 3     

1st           L Coffin                                              38

2nd          S Johnston                                         36

3rd          S Abernethy                                      36


Twos: L Coffin

Mortgage Link NTD: L Coffin

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