Results Sat 22.05.21

22-05-2021 – Irish STFD (Team)

1st           I Gillespie, N Johnston, G Hannah, D Laws                              87

2nd          J Fleming, J Mears, J Haig, J Mitchell                                        85

3rd          S Mitchell, S Yoo, D Brook, J Sudol                                           83

4th          M Chave, A Roberts, G Abernethy, I James                             83

5th          D Boyes, C Tomlinson, S Edwards, M Turner                          82


Merv Chave Sponsored Hole

T Williamson

Palmers Mechanical Nearest the Pin

G Fahey



Birdie Hole # 13


Net Eagle # Hole 5

K Ellis, D Barnett, G Hannah   $38 each


Women – Irish STFD (individual)


Div 1

1st           K Mercer              72

2nd          P Hannah             61


Div 2

1st           L Coffin                65

2nd          D Fahey                64


Div 3

1st           K Blick                  61

2nd          J Clague               60



R Miller

Mortgage Link Nearest the Pin

P Hannah

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