Results Sat 4.5.19

4.5.19 – Speights Monthly Stroke & UPVC Ringers.

0 – 9

Best Gross:          B Kennelly          71          

Net        1st          B Coffin                              68

2nd         B Liffiton             68

3rd          N Johnston          70

4th          C Stringer             72


10 – 17

Best Gross:          N Walker             77

Net        1st          G Fahey                70

2nd         B Savigny             71

3rd          S Barrow              71

4th          I James                 72

5th          S Will                    72

6th          M Payne              73



Best Gross:          D Barnett            82

Net        1st          D Brook                              67

2nd         G Keith                 69

3rd          B Lyall                  71

4th          Jack Kennelly      71

5th          T Trevathan        71

6th          R Will                    71

7th          S Wolter              71


Women LGU Medal & Putting

Div 1

1st          J Hobbs                77

Putting  D Tetlow              30

Div 2

1st          K Mercer              71

2nd         A Robertson        75

Putting  L Coffin                32

Div 3

1st          Z Matheson         73

Putting  L Johnson            35


Two       D Tetlow



Merv Chave Sponsored Hole:    

C Walters


Closest to the Pin:

Men:                     M Stevens

Women:              S Fitzgerald



K Loots, N Johnston, B Ferguson, B Coffin, C Walters, C Stringer, M Payne, B Savigny, M Stevens


Net Eagles Hole:               5

D Barnett, M Chave, R Will


Birdies Hole:                      12



Senior Itchy Mug:

N Walker


Junior Itchy Mug:

D Barnett


Keen Slogger:

D Outram


Mug of the Month

J Sudol

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