Results Sat 19.1.19

19.1.19 – Festival Cup Combined Stableford

1st          T Marshall & R Saxton                                   81

2nd         M Simmons & I Vercoe                                  79

3rd          C Petre & W Pitcaithly                                   78

4th          C Stringer & M Mercer                                   78

5th          H Mitchell & B Lyall                                        77

6th          J Mears & C Whitson                                     77

7th          C Day & M Burrowes                                     77

8th          S Mitchell & B Savigny                                   77


Women Stableford

1st Div

1st          L Frampton                        43

2nd         K O’Neill                              42

3rd          S Fitzgerald                         36


2nd Div

1st          J Stringer                             44

2nd         S Jopson                             41

3rd          T Stevens                            36


Womens Two’s

D Fahey, K O’Neill, J Stringer


Merv Chave Sponsored Hole

C Stringer

Mens Nearest the Pin

W Pitcaithly

Mortgage Link Otago Womens Nearest the Pin

K O’Neill


Mens Two’s

G Keene, W Pitcaithly, A Geeves


Birdies Hole 17

W Pitcaith;ly, A Geeves


Net Eagles Hole 13

M Simmons, T Marshall, H Mitchell

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