Results Sat/Sun 2nd & 3rd Dec 2017

Taieri Open 2nd & 3rd December 2017

1st          H vanTurnhout, B Coffin, L Coffin, Z Matheson                      232.125

2nd         G Hobbs, J Hobbs, I James, K O’Neill                                         244.375

3rd          G Keene, H Mitchell, B Savigny, R Rivers                                  247.675

4th          W Myers, G McPhee, C McPhee, S Facer                                 248.75

5th          L Frampton, D Fahey, T Stephens, K Ellis                                  249.375

6th          D Tetlow, T Woodhead, G Woodhead, N Graves                   249.5

7th          K Shaw, K Thom, P Sinclair, I Porteous                                     250.25

8th          S Fitzgerald, P Hannah, S Butlin, K Mercer                251.375



Saturday 2.12.16 – Ambrose for others


1st          C Day, M Chave, G Abernethy, M Wood                                  57.25


Closest to Pins

No 2      S Barrow

No 4      I Porteous

No 7      G Abernethy

No 17    S Edwards

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