Results 31.07

31.07.2021          Single Par

Division 1   0 – 16

1st           J Mears                               8up

2nd          C Tomlinson                       2up

3rd          C Stringer                           2up

4th          R McIntosh                        1up

5th          B Bennett                           SQ

6th          J Haig                                  SQ

7th              G McPhee                           SQ

8th          C Day                                   SQ

9th          W Pitcaithly                       SQ

10th        G Chirnside                         SQ

11th        K Ellis                                   1dn

12th        B Hunt                                 1dn

13th        R Will                                   1dn

14th        G Fahey                               1dn


Division 2   17+

1st           T Marshall                          7up

2nd          R Clear                                2up

3rd          B Aitchison                         2up

4th          D Barnett                            1up

5th          R Rivers                               SQ

6th          A Roberts                           1dn

7th          M Chave                             2dn

8th          M Turner                            2dn

9th          S Wolter                             2dn


Merv Chave Sponsored Hole:

K Ellis

Palmers Mechanical Closest to the Pin:

I Boath


C Petre, C Stringer, T Clark, I Boath, M Heaton, S Will, M Andrews, I Gillespie, J Boath

Birdie Hole #14

B Bennett, M Andrews  $14

Nett Eagle #13

G Chirnside $112


Ladies Results- LGU & Putting


Division 1

1st           L Watt                                 71

2nd          K Baker                               76


Putting  L Anderton                         34


Division 2

1st           D Fahey                               73

2nd          R Yoo                                  76

3rd          K Mercer                             78

Putting  R Miller                               32


Division 3

1st           J Payne                                72

2nd          J Clunie                               72

3rd          S Jopson                             74

Putting  S Jopson                             32


Mortgage Link NTD: D Tetlow

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