Results Sat 24.4.21

24.4.21 – Golf Shop Stableford

Handicaps 0 – 16

1st          G keene                              39

2nd         B Coffin                                             38

3rd          B Savigny                            36

4th          G Fahey                               36

5th          C Macfie                             36

6th          A Botting                            35

7th             J Haig                                   35

8th          I James                                35

9th          T Smith                                35


Handicaps 17+

1st          J Fleming                             36

2nd         R Rivers                               35

3rd          M Chave                             35

4th          D Sisson                              35

5th          S Walter                              34

6th          T Williamson                      33

7th          N Graves                             33

8th          J Sudol                                 33

9th          M Billings                            33


Merv Chave Sponsored Hole:

A Glendining

Palmers Mechanical Closest to the Pin:

R McIntosh


R McIntosh, I James, H Robertson, B Savigny, B Aitchison, G Keene, M Reid, I Boath

Birdie Hole #7

I James, T Smith, Blair Bennett, A Glendining

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