Results Sat 27.6.20

27.6.20 – Yellow Ball Stableford

1st          S Hyndman, R Rivers, T Trevathan, S Wolter                           43

2nd         C Robertson, A Heyneman, T Smith, N Wilkinson                  38

3rd          N Johnston, R Farquhar, R Will, L Walker                                38

4th          G Keith, B Ferguson, G Fahey, C Hutchinson                            37

5th          S Thompson, C Gutsell, T Williamson                                       36

6th          I Boath, G Keene, H Mitchell. B Lyall                                        35

7th          S Cross, R Reid, S Yoo, C Hunter                                                35



B Kennelly, S Will, M Reid, D Barnett, R Farquhar, D Brook, G Keene, T Smith, P Sinclair, G Hobbs, K Loots, S Thompson, D Weir


Women – Stableford Home Pennant


Div 1

1st          L Anderton          34

2nd         D Tetlow              30

Div 2

1st          K O’Neill               34

2nd         R Yoo                   31

3rd          D Fahey                29

Div 3

1st          C Gibson              42

2nd         R Miller                37

3rd          J Payne                 37



L Anderton, Z Matheson, L Frampton, J Clague


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