Results Sat 19.10.19

19.10.19 – Sinclair Cup, 4BBB

Sinclair Cup

1st          C & H Robertson                                             47

2nd         R & S Will                                                          47

3rd          J & D Boyes                                                      46

4th          B & J Kennelly                                                  45

5th          P & B Sinclair                                                   44


4BBB for others

1st          L Walker & S Reeves                                      50

2nd         C Blackie & N Wilkinson                                48

3rd          C Petre & W Pitcaithly                                   48

4th          M Chave & G Abernethy                 47

5th          B Geary & D Mills                                            46

6th          K Shaw & I Gillespie                                        45


Ladies – Medal

Div 1

1st          L Coffin                               72

2nd         L Fraser                               74

3rd          L Frampton                        76

Div 2

1st          G Walters                           74

2nd         L Johnson                           78

3rd          Z Matheson                        80


Mortgage Link Otago Nearest the Pin

L Watt

Palmers Mechanical Nearest The Pin

M Mercer

Merv Chave Sponsored Hole

P McDonald



B Kennelly, A Smith, K Shaw, G Hobbs, C Stringer, H Robertson, D Tetlow, C McPhee, B Sinclair, G Burn, A Fiddes, G McDonald, R Rosevear, R Saxton


Birdies Hole 18

H Robertson, D Mills, K Shaw


Net Eagles Hole 1

C Blackie, L Walker, B Hassall, S Cross, J Boyes, J Kennelly, A Smith, A Chisholm

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