Results Sowing the Seed 12.4.19

Taieri Lakes Golf Course

Results Sowing the Seed Tournament – 12.4.19


1st          A Fiddes, T Fiddes, M Stevens, B Shaw                                     48.75

2nd         R Andrew, S Fraser, J Patterson, G Rhodes                              50.5

3rd          C Stringer, C Stringer, L Frampton, K Ellis                                 53.125

4th          Sultans of Swing                                                             53.375

5th          Wrens                                                                                             53.5

6th          L Warwood, S Bell, G Donaldson, D Allum                54.875

7th          D Grey, S Coombe, M Broadley, M Clearwater                      55

8th          M Weastaell, D Weir, H vanTurnhout, M Lowe                      55

9th          AON                                                                                                 55.75

10th        T Hannagan, M Cadman, J Smith, M Lee                                  55.875 OCB


Team Nearest Pin 3rd Shot No 15

Palmers Mechanical

Nearest Pin No 2

B Shaw

Nearesr Pin No 4

B Shaw

Nearest Pin No 7

Gordon Rhodes

Nearest Pin No 17

M Payne

Mens Longest Drive

P McDonald

Womens Longest Drive

T White

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