Draw Taieri Womens Weekend Tournament 15.4.18

Taieri Lakes Golf Course

The following is the draw for Sunday, April 15.

Taieri Lakes Weekend Women’s Open Tournament




Tee 1

10.00 B Sutherland (O), T Storer (B), S Fitzgerald (T), T Sasaki (C).

10.06 R Greaves (O), J Bevin (St C), V Hyslop (T), B Butler (Dun).

10.12 J Hobbs (T), S Freeman (St C), K Andrew (Arw), S Butlin (T).

10.18 D Tetlow (T), D Hyslop (T), K O’Neill (T), B Hawkin (C).

10.24 C Chambers (St C), L Frampton (T), D Ralton (O), S Nichol (T).


Tee 6

10.00 P Williams (T), K Mercer (T), R Roberts (T), S MacDonald (O).

10.06 J Livesey (St C), T Woodhead (T), D Fahey (T), J Finnerty (T).

10.12 T Holden (Duns), T White (T), L Coffin (T), M McConnell (O).

10.18 R Callender (Is P), P Hannah (T), W Lucas (Duns), N Lang (St C).

10.24 B McLean (C), K Guthrie (Arw), J Clearwater (T), G Walters (T).


Tee 10

10.00 L Fraser(Gld), Z Matheson (T), J McLeod (Arw) , H Smith (Duns).

10.06 K Lucas (Duns), S Jopson (T), S Johnston (T).

10.12 M Murdoch (T), S Kennelly (St C), R Yoo (T).

10.18 S Abernethy (T), L Johnson (T), C Gibson (T).


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