Results Sat 17.2.18

17.2.18 – Taieri Classic Amam – 4BBB Net

1st          W Pitcaithly, D Freeman, C Petre, T Clark                 50

2nd         C Gibson, Z Matheson, R Yoo, S Yoo                                         51

3rd          R Saxton, D Ruske, T Marshall, P Galbraith                              52

4th          G Hannah, M Anderton, P Barnes, A Heyneman                     52

5th          S Duncan, R Holland, R Daniell, P Barlow                                 53

6th          C Day, I James, A Geeves, S Edwards                                        53


Closest to Pins


No 2      S Edwards

No 4      W Pitcaithly

No 7      T Marshall

No 17    J Turner

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