Draw Sat 24.6.17

Taieri Lakes Golf Course

The following is the draw for Saturday 24 June 2017

Eagles Stableford – Blue Tees.

Starter: K Ellis

Tee 1

8.30    A Roberts                   C Day                          D Barnett                       R McIntosh

8.36    R Saxton                     T Marshall                  P Treweek                     I James

Afternoon Office: Golf Shop

Bar Duty:   B & K Ellis

Tee 1

11.30  P Butlin                      K Ellis                        M Chave                        W Pitcaithly

11.36  B Bennett                   C Robertson               A Heyneman                 G Hobbs

11.42  W Myers                    B Aitcheson               N Walker                       D Graham

11.48  B Coffin                     D Brook                     S Mitchell                     T Trevathan

Tee 6

11.30  S Jopson                     P Hannah                    D Fahey                         K O’Neill

11.36  S Fitzgerald                S Butlin                      K Mercer                      D Tetlow

Tee 10

11.30  B Ellis                        G Fahey                      G McPhee                     B Lyall

11.36  B Kennelly                 M Andrews                 M Reid                          N Johnston

11.42  I Boath                        P McDonald               H Robertson                 G Keene

Tee 12                                                                       

11.30  D Laws                       T Clark                        G Hannah                       C Blackie

Tee 14

11.30  T Stevens                    L Coffin                     C Gibson                       L Frampton


Post entries and alterations to 489 7450 or email

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