Results Taieri Open & Sat Ambrose 3 & 4 December 2016

Taieri Open 3rd & 4th December 2016

1st           H vanTurnhout, B Coffin, L Coffin, D Weir                             253.000

2nd          K Shaw, P Sinclair, K Thom, F Robertson                                                255.625

3rd           I Boath, N Wilkinson, D Tetlow, T Woodhead                     256.875

4th           S Smith, S Will, R Will, R Porteous                                            257.250



Saturday 3.12.16 – Ambrose for others


1st           C Gibson, S Johnston, S Jopson, C Macfie                              56.75

2nd          M Brandso, J McDonald, G McDonald, M Crozier                                56.875

3rd           M Andrews, M Billings, M Willis, S Smith                                              57.125


Closest to Pins

No 2       L Thom

No 4       B Tippet

No 7       S Fitzgerald

No 17    M Andrews

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