Results Sat 23.1.16

23.1.16 – Festival Cup – Combined Stableford

Combined Stableford

1st           P McDonald & B Reid                     84

2nd          G Hannah & G McPhee                  83

3rd           C Day & I James                                                83

4th           B Lyall & G Keene                            80

5th           C & H Robertson                               80

6th           R Maslin & W Kettle                       79

7th           S Wolter & M Lamont                     79


Ladies Stableford


1st           S Jopson                                              40

2nd          P Hannah                                             40

3rd           D Fahey                                                                39

4th           G Walters                                            37


 Merv Chave Sponsored Hole


C Day


Men Closest to Pin        

L Thom


Women Closest to Pin                 

S Jopson


Senior Two’s Holes         4/7

B Ellis, H Robertson, B Reid, I James, L Thom, S Fitzgerald


Junior Two’s Holes          2/17

D Boyes, T Woodhead, T Trevathan, B Savigny, P Barlow, C Hutchinson, J Roberts, N Cotton


Birdies Hole       15

H Robertson, C Robertson


Net Eagles Hole                                12

Not struck

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