Results Sat 14.11.15

14.11.15 – 3rd Round Strokeplay Champs (black tees) plus stableford for others off blue tees.

0 – 16

1st           I James                                 69

2nd          B Ferguson                         69

3rd           C Stringer                            70

4th           L Thom                                 70

5th           K Shaw                                 71

6th           M Mercer                            71


17 – 36

1st           M McGregor                       67

2nd          W Ritchie                            68

3rd           R Kim                                    71

4th           C Hutchinson                     71

5th           W Kettle                              72

6th           C Tomlinson                       72


Blue Tee Stableford

1st           R Will                                    42

2nd          M Billings                            38

3rd           G Burn                                  37


Womens Stableford

1st           L Frampton                         39

2nd          P Hannah                             38


Merv Chave Sponsored Hole:

M Mercer


Kliper Closest to Pin:

Men:                     C Stringer

Women:              D Tetlow


Senior Two’s Holes:        2/17

I Boath, W Myers, G McPhee


Junior Two’s Holes:        4/7



Net Eagles Hole:              2

A Heyneman


Birdies Hole:                      16

P McDonald, K Shaw, E Hornbrook, S Smith, D Tetlow

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