Results Friday 16.10.20 – Sowing the Seed Tournament

Taieri Lakes Golf Course

Results Sowing the Seed Tournament – 16.10.20


1st          J Mears, W Pitcaithly, C Petre, R McIntosh                             59

2nd         R Wilson, R Ward, A McLaren, M Wheeler                              58

3rd          J Ryan, H Hughes, M Wood, D Mitchell                                    58

4th          N Johnston, S Johnston, L Thom, L Walker                              58

5th          M Clearwayter, J Clearwater, Z Matheson, F Nicolson         57

6th          W Blakely, G Keene, P Macfie, S Harris                                    57

7th          R Saxton, T Marshall, T Grimaldi, A Griffiths                           57

8th          C Botting, A Botting, M Gibson, M Andrews                            56

9th          N Graves, T Woodhouse, D Tetlow, R Miller                           56

10th        D Weir Builders                                                                             56


Team Nearest Pin 2nd Shot No 11

D Weir Builders

Team Nearest Pin 3rd Shot No 15

Design Windows

Team Nearest Pin 3rd Shot No 18

Cameron Botting

Nearest Pin No 2

W Pitcaithly

Team Nearest Pin No 4

Dave Smart team

Nearest Pin No 7

B Shaw

Nearest Pin No 17

G Souter

Nearest Pin New Hole

F Robertson

Mens Longest Drive

J Boath

Womens Longest Drive

L Frampton

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