Month: April 2019

Draw Sat 4.5.19

Taieri Lakes Golf Course

The following is the draw for Saturday 4thth May 2019

Men: Speights Monthly Stroke & UPVC Ringers (White Tees)

Ladies: LGU Medal & Putting

Tee 1

8.30      D Barnett                G Abernethy          G Hannah               C Petre

8.36      I Vercoe                   S Rusbatch             R Kim                      I James

8.42      J Mears

Tee 6

8.30    Ladies Tee

Tee 10



Afternoon: Bar Duty – S Smith

Tee 1

11:30     S Smith                   G Fahey                  T Duff                      B Russell

11.36    H van Turnhout      S Hyndman             M Reid                     J Boath

11.42     W Myers                 B Ellis                      K Ellis                      N Graves

11.48     K Shaw                    T Clark                    B Bennett               B Coffin

11.54      D Graham              R Rivers                   T Trevathan          R Will

12.00    Senior A Pennants

12.06    Senior A Pennants

12.12     Senior A Pennants

Tee 6

11.30     C Gibson                 J Payne                   S Abernethy

11.36     J Clearwater           S Jopson                 L Johnson              S Johnston

11:42     R Yoo                       A Robertson          G Walters               Z Matheson

Tee 10

11.30     P McDonald           B Ferguson            H Mitchell              I Gillespie

11.36     C Blackie                M Burrowes           B Lyall                     D Winyard

11.42     C Stringer               John Kennelly       Jack Kennelly         B Kennelly

11.48     G Keith                   M Chave                 S Wolter                 C Hutchinson

11.54      S Will                      D Brook                  J Sudol                    S Reeves

12.00     L Ellis                      N Johnston

Tee 12

11.30     L Fraser                  D Fahey                  T Stevens

11.36     T Woodhead           K O’Neill                 S Butlin                  L Coffin

Tee 14

11.30    S Fitzgerald             D Tetlow                 L Frampton            K Mercer


Post entries and alterations to 489 7450 or email

Results Sat 20.4.19

20.4.19 – Golf Shop Stableford


1st          M Reid                                         42

2nd        A Fiddes                                       40

3rd         B Ferguson                                  38

4th         G McPhee                                     38

5th          N Johnston                                  37

6th          A Reid                                          36


1st          T Smith                                         38

2nd        L Ellis                                            37

3rd         N Wilkinson                                 37

4th         S Wolter                                        37

5th          M Payne                                      36

6th          G McDonald                               36

Ladies – Bisque Par

Div 1

1st          T Woodhead                       +5

2nd         K O’Neill                             +3

3rd         S Butlin                              +3

Div 2

1st          S Jopson                              +7

2nd        T Stevens                             +6

3rd       D Fahey                                 +6

Merv Chave Sponsored Hole

T Woodhead

Palmers Mechanical Mens Nearest the Pin

A Fiddes

Mortgage Link Otago Womens Nearest the Pin

S Jopson

Ladies Twos

S Jopson

Mens Twos

S Wolter, R Rivers, N Johnston, J Mears, B Ferguson, A Fiddes


Draw Sat 27.4.19

Taieri Lakes Golf Course

The following is the draw for Saturday 27th April 2019

Men: 1st Round Bennett Cup & Stableford for others

Ladies: Medal – Hidden Holes

Tee 1

8.30      S Rusbatch             M Chave                 J Mears                   D Barnett

8.36      A Roberts               G Abernethy          W Pitcaithly           G Burn

Tee 6

8.30    Ladies Tee

Tee 10

8.30      I James                   I Vercoe                  M Billings               C Day

8.36      R Kim

Afternoon: Bar Duty – K Ellis

Tee 1

11:30     M Pyane & R Will   v  B Ellis & K Ellis

11.36     T Duff & H Mitchell  v  B Ferguson & S Hyndman

11.42     I Gillespie & K Shaw  v  B Coffin & H van Turnhout

11.48     C Robertson & S Barrow  v  S Smith & S Will

11.54      P McDonald & C Stringer  v  G Hannah & S Reeves

12:00    B & J Kennelly  v  T Trevathan & S Yoo

12:06    L Thom & N Johnston  v  L Ellis & B Savigny

12:12     G McPhee & N Wilkinson  v  B & B Bennett

Tee 6

11.30     L Frampton            K Mercer                 P Hannah               L Fraser

11.36     S Fitzgerald            D Tetlow                 T Woodhead          K O’Neill

11:42     J Payne                   C Gibson                 S Jopson

Tee 10

11.30     W Myers                 D Brook                  D Laws                    N Graves

11.36     M Reid                    B Russell                T Clark                    C Hutchinson

11.42     D Graham              R Rivers                  B Lyall                     C Blackie

11.48     B Aitchison            B Hassall                 S Wolter                  G Fahey

Tee 12

11.30     S Butlin                  L Coffin                   D Fahey                   Z Matheson

11.36     A Robertson          G Walters               S Abernethy           R Yoo


Post entries and alterations to 489 7450 or email


Draw Sat 20.4.19

Taieri Lakes Golf Course

The following is the draw for Saturday 20th April 2019

Golf Shop Stableford

Tee 1

8.00    C Day                    W Pitcaithly            M Billings                 D Barnett

8.06    I James                   R Kim                     I Vercoe                    J Mears

Tee 6

8.00    Ladies Tee

Afternoon Office: Golf Shop

Bar Duty:   B Ellis

Tee 1

12.00  B Ellis                    I Boath                    W Myers                   S Wolter

12.06  G McPhee               C Stringer (Snr)       L Beattie                   C Hutchinson

12.12  B Lyall                   N Wilkinson            G Keith                     R Will

12.18  J Boath                   B Savigny               S Will                       S Yoo

12.24  S Reeves

Tee 6

12.00  D Tetlow                L Fraser                  K Mercer                   S Abernethy

12.06  S Jopson                 D Fahey                  T Stevens                  L Coffin

Tee 10

12.00  M Reid                   M Chave                 B Aitcheson               D Laws

12.06  T Duff                    B Coffin                 T Trevthan                G Keene

12.12  D Graham               R Rivers                 J Sudol                      D Brook

12.18  N Johnston              A Heyneman           C Blackie                  K Shaw

Tee 14

12.00  T Woodhead           S Butlin                  J Payne                     C Gibson

12.06  L Frampton             R Yoo                    Z Matheson               S Johnston


Post entries and alterations to 489 7450 or email

Results Sat 13.4.19

13.4.19 – Bennett Cup Qualifying – 4BBB Net

1st          M Payne & R Will                                            59

2nd         T Duff & H Mitchell                                        61

3rd          R Saxton & T Marshall                                   61

4th          I Gillespie & K Shaw                                        62

5th          L Thom & N Johnston                                    62

6th          R Kim & M Billings                                           63

7th          I James & G Burn                                            63

8th          J Kennelly & T Smith                                       63

9th          C Robertson & S Barrow                               63

10th        A Reid & H Bragg                                             63


Ladies – Medal

Div 1

1st          S Fitzgerald                         74

2nd         D Tetlow                             79

Div 2

1st          S Butlin                                78

2nd         J Stringer                             79

Div 3

1st          J Payne                                75

2nd         Z Matheson                        76


Merv Chave Sponsored Hole

G McPhee

Palmers Mechanical Mens Nearest the Pin

Blair Bennett

Mortgage Link Otago Womens Nearest the Pin

J Stringer



R Kim, D Barnett, M Payne, G McPhee, Blair Bennett, B Ferguson, K Shaw, C Robertson


Birdies Hole 4

G McPhee


Net Eagles Hole 5

T Duff, S Barrow, A Reid

Results Sowing the Seed 12.4.19

Taieri Lakes Golf Course

Results Sowing the Seed Tournament – 12.4.19


1st          A Fiddes, T Fiddes, M Stevens, B Shaw                                     48.75

2nd         R Andrew, S Fraser, J Patterson, G Rhodes                              50.5

3rd          C Stringer, C Stringer, L Frampton, K Ellis                                 53.125

4th          Sultans of Swing                                                             53.375

5th          Wrens                                                                                             53.5

6th          L Warwood, S Bell, G Donaldson, D Allum                54.875

7th          D Grey, S Coombe, M Broadley, M Clearwater                      55

8th          M Weastaell, D Weir, H vanTurnhout, M Lowe                      55

9th          AON                                                                                                 55.75

10th        T Hannagan, M Cadman, J Smith, M Lee                                  55.875 OCB


Team Nearest Pin 3rd Shot No 15

Palmers Mechanical

Nearest Pin No 2

B Shaw

Nearesr Pin No 4

B Shaw

Nearest Pin No 7

Gordon Rhodes

Nearest Pin No 17

M Payne

Mens Longest Drive

P McDonald

Womens Longest Drive

T White

Draw Taieri Lakes Weekend Womens Open Tournament 14.4.19

Draw for Taieri Lakes Weekend Women’s Open Tournament, Sunday April 14.

Key: TL=Taieri Lakes, T=Toko, CP=Chisholm Park, O=Otago, StC=St Clair, A=Arrowtown, D=Dunstan, B=Belleknowes, R=Roxburgh, IP= Island Park, G.=Gladfield


Tee 12: 10am: B Slade (R), T Storer (B), S Fitzgerald (TL), T Saki (CP).

10.06am: S Rose (O), R Greaves (O), K Andrew (A), D Tetlow (TL).

10.12am: T May (D), D Hyslop (TL), C Slade (R), P Hannah (TL).


Tee 10:

10.00am: L Frampton (TL), K Mercer (TL), C Chambers (StC), J Egerton (A).

10:06am: S Bearman (T), C Gatenby (TL), S Freeman (StC), P Williams (TL).

10.12am: J Good (T), T Woodhead (TL), T White (TL), A Hunter (O).

10:18am: S Butlin (TL), J Leversey (StC), S MacDonald (O), M Hendry (G).

10.24am: L Coffin (TL), L Rutherford (T), J Logan (CP), J Finnerty (TL).


Tee 6:

10am: B McLean (CP), L Fraser (TL), K Guthrie (A), V Gamble (TL).

10:06am: L McColl (D), D Fahey (TL), M McConnell (O), T Stevens (TL).

10.12am: W Lucas (D), R Yoo (TL), J Stringer (TL), H Smith (D).

10.18am: A Robertson (TL), M Cain (T), M McHugh (O), H West (StC).

10.24am: J McLeod (A), G Mitchell (TL), G Walters (TL), Z Matheson (TL).



10am: G Brazier (StC), S Kennelly (StC), J Clearwater (TL), A McBride (IP).

10.06am: E Clayton (IP), H Porteous (CP), S Jopson (TL), M De Bruin (O).

10.12am: S Johnston (TL), J Oliver (O), S Cunningham (CP)

10.18am: J Soper (StC), S Abernethy (TL), J Payne (TL),

10.24am: J Arthur (StC), T Deans (StC), T Hatton (StC).


Amended Draw Sowing the Seed Friday 12.4.19

Taieri Lakes Golf Course

Draw for Sowing the Seed Tournament – Friday 12th April 2019

Tee 1

12.00 Metro Realty

12.06 Carpet Court


Tee 2

12.00 Jason McDonald Team

12.06 R Yoo              S Yoo              B Ferguson               Z Matheson


Tee 3

12.00 Taieri College


Tee 4

12.00 Gordon Road Vehicle Services

12.06 L Warwood   D Allum          S Bell                          D Harvie


Tee 5

12.00 K Shaw           R Will              W Ferguson              F Robertson


Tee 6

12.06 George Ellis Contracting

12.06 AON Risk Services


Tee 7

12.00 K Walker        V Gamble      M Murdoch              C Bezett

12.06 M Payne        J Payne          T Clark                        J Clark


No 8

12.00 G Rodgers     K McArthur              K Ward          K Whitson

12.06 M Brosnan Team



No 9

12.00 B Shaw          A Fiddes        T Fiddes                     M Stevens

12.06 Centre City Auto


No 10

12.00 Aotea Electric

12.06 Wrens


No 11

12.00 G Fahey         D Fahey         J Fahey                       A Heyneman

12.06 R Cook           M Thompson           D Reveley      B Aitcheson


No 12

12.00 Palmers Mechanical

12.06 R Mitchell     B Pannett      H Pannett                 T White


No 13

12.00 N Walker       N Graves       D Laws                       C Samson

12.06 T Eketone Team


No 14

12.00 Placemakers

12.06 R Reid             J Reid              O Diack                      G Diack


No 15

12.00 Nidd Realty

12.06 N Johnston   S Johnston    L Thom                      L Walker


No 16

12.00 T Hannagan  M Lee             M Cadman                J Smith

12.06 A Glendining Team


No 18

12.00 M Weastell Team

12.06 Dunedin City Motors

12.12 S Coombe     M Broadley   D Grey                       M Clearwater

Draw Sat 13.4.19

Taieri Lakes Golf Course

The following is the draw for Saturday 13th April 2019

Qualifying Round Bennett Cup 4BBB – White Tees

Women – Medal 2nd Eclectic

Tee 1

8.00    D Barnett & A Roberts                          S Rusbatch & I Vercoe

8.06    I James & G Burn                                  G Abernethy

Tee 6

8.00    Ladies Tee

Tee 10

8.00    C Day & J Mears                                  M Billings & R Kim

Afternoon Office: Golf Shop

Bar Duty:   B Kennelly

Tee 1

12.00  B Russell & B Lyall                                                               C Blackie & G Hobbs

12.06  G Fahey & A Heyneman                        H Mitchell & T Duff

12.12  T Trevathan & S Yoo                            N Wilkinson & G McPhee

12.18  K Shaw & I Gillespie                             B Coffin & H vanTurnhout

12.24  BD Graham & R Rivers                         G Keith & C Hutchinson

12.30  S Smith & S Will                                   K Thom & R Will

12.36  S Hyndman & B Ferguson                      S Reeves & G Hannah

12.42  B Savigny & L Ellis

Tee 6

12.00  S Butlin                  L Frampton             K O’Neill                  K Mercer

12.06  Z Matheson             L Coffin                  T Stevens

12.12  A Robertson            J Payne                   S Jopson

12.18  J Stringer                S Abernethy            R Yoo

Tee 10

12.00  W Myers & M Reid                               B Kennelly & J Kennelly

12.06  K Ellis & B Ellis                                   P McDonald & C Stringer (Snr)

12.12  N Johnston & L Thom                           D Brook & J Sudol

12.18  T Hannagan & D Weir                           M Cadman & J Smith

12.24  B Bennett & B Bennett                           P Barlow & N Graves

12.30  G Keene & N Walker

Tee 14

12.00  L Fraser                  G Walters               D Fahey

12.06  P Hannah                S Fitzgerald             T Woodhead              D Tetlow


Post entries and alterations to 489 7450 or email

Results Sat 7.4.19

6.4.19 – Speights Monthly Stroke & UPVC Ringers.

0 – 9

Best Gross:          M Andrews         74          

Net        1st          B Liffiton             72

2nd         P McDonald        72

3rd          C Stringer             74

4th          G Keene               74


10 – 17

Best Gross:          H Mitchell           80

Net        1st          T Duff                   68

2nd         J Mears                74

3rd          C Macfie              74

4th          W Myers              75



Best Gross:          G Keith                 86

Net        1st          T Marshall           72

2nd         F Nicolson           76

3rd          D Winyard           76

4th          T Trevathan        76

5th          C Blackie              76

6th          B Hassall              76

7th          D Barnett             77


Mens White Tee Stableford

1st          N Walker             36

2nd         G Goodger           34

3rd          D Mills                  33


Women Stableford

Div 1

1st          K Mercer              32

2nd         S Fitzgerald          31

Div 2

1st          R Yoo                   29

2nd         S Butlin                 29

Div 3

1st          S Abernethy        32

2nd         L Johnson            32



Merv Chave Sponsored Hole:    

M Burrowes


Closest to the Pin:

Men:                     P McDonald

Women:              L Johnson



P McDonald, N Johnston, C Macfie, B Savigny, B Lyall


Net Eagles Hole:               11



Birdies Hole:                      9

M Andrews, G Keene, K Shaw, I Boath, T Marshall


Keen Slogger:

A Guyton


Mug of the Month

N Graves

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