Results Sat 25.8.18

25.8.18 – Irish Stableford



1st          G Keene, L Thom, B Savigny, C Blackie                                     91

2nd         I Boath, H vanTunhout, P McDonald, S Smith                         87

3rd          B Coffin, G McPhee, C Ellis, P Brownie                                     87

4th          J Kennelly, R Rivers, D Reveley, D Graham                85

5th          C Day, I James, C Petre, W Pitcaithly                                        84

6th          B Hassall, S Yoo, S Reeve, T Smith                                             83

7th          C Hutchinson, P Butlin, R Saxton, T Marshall                          83


Single Knockout:

Winner D Weir

Runner up I Gillespie


Ladies: LGU & Putting. 1st Qualifying Round Club Champs


Div 1

1st          S Butlin                 75

2nd         L Frampton         75

Putting  S Fitzgerald          32

Div 2

1st          A Robertson        70

2nd         Z Matheson         77

Putting  L Fraser                32


Merv Chave Sponsored Hole:

T Duff

Men Closest to Pin:

D Freeman

Mortgage Link Otago Ladies Closest to Pin:

D Hyslop


Senior Two’s 4/7

S Edwards, D Outram


Junior Two’s 2/17



Birdies Hole 8

R Rosevear, P McDonald, I James


Net Eagles Hole 9


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